In April 2023, Rosario initiated a Pan Disability football section within the club with a 6-week pilot season. The success of this enabled Rosario to start our first full season in September 2023, and we already have teams participating in IFA-managed disability leagues. Our main objectives are to provide a community service that:

- offers inclusion and participation for disabled children, especially those who want to play but feel they can’t.

- is available to as many types of disabilities as we can cater for.

- aligns seamlessly with other sections in the club.

- supports integration across various disabilities and communities.

- works closely with Schools, Charities, (and other bodies) supporting disability in the community.

Rosario has worked closely with the IFA on the best approach to set up and run a disability football section. This included IFA-approved training courses for coaches taking part in the initial pilot, with additional coach training continually being reviewed and scheduled with the IFA.



Primary objectives for coaches, parents & players

- Inclusion & participation

- To listen, learn, nuture & support

- Champion everyone, together



one club, one team, one community


Rosario Disability Football is sponsored by Telefonica


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