Mini Soccer Structure

Rosario mini-soccer is organised by year of birth; it incorporates U10s (2011s), U9s (2012s), U8s (2013s), U7s (2014s) and U6s (2015s) who all play in a structured programme of fixtures with other mini soccer teams. They train regularly in the youth club and at St Aquinas Grammar School. So long as you have celebrated your 5th birthday you can join in.

Mini Soccer Ethos

Mini soccer is designed especially for children, with fewer players competing on a smaller-sized pitch. The aim of mini-soccer is to meet the developmental needs of younger football players whilst maintaining a strong focus on maximum participation and enjoyment.

The matches are fun games that encourage players to have more contact with the ball. As there are fewer players on the pitch and the pitches are smaller this means that each player has more opportunity to take part in the game and to develop their skills.

When playing mini-soccer, players are more active due to playing both attacking and defensive roles within a match and this helps them to understand the importance of team-mates and playing and working together.

Training Times (2021/22)

(from 6/9/21)