“We never lose, we learn”

Rosario seeks to establish a pathway from our youth academy to our senior teams. We are proud of the consistent number of young men and women who remain with the club and join our senior squads. At this stage, through the years of training with our Junior Academy, our players have one ethos: “Be Rosario” – train hard; strive to improve; the team always comes first.



Rosario Football Club proudly supports the women’s game at all levels.

The senior team not only serves as a visible pathway for our younger female members; it also strives to build a culture around encouragement and unlocking the full potential of each player.

While senior-level football is very competitive for individual players, we believe working as a unit and learning to trust and rely on each other on and off the pitch can help us achieve our main goal; which is to continue to move up through league divisions.

The senior team has a dedicated volunteer staff which consists of the coaching staff, a management team, and a physiotherapist. All training sessions are led by qualified coaches with the additional benefits of strength and conditioning and player rehabilitation.



Rosario is represented by four teams in both the Northern Amateur Football League and the Belfast and District League.

Our teams train twice weekly – every Tuesday and Thursday. Our senior players know they set the example for the Club and they train and play to a professional standard, always operating within the Rosario ethos of skilful sportsmanship.

Feedback between players and management is encouraged so that an open and honest dialogue is maintained. Training sessions are intense! However, our players are supported by a committed and highly experienced coaching staff, management team, and access to physio and strength and conditioning rehabilitation.

Rosario offers great facilities and a dynamic platform for players to develop and learn.


skilLful sportsmanship


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