Code of Conduct for parents & guardians  (please click to download the full document)

Children & young people should be encouraged to

  • Do their best, put in their best effort
  • Improve and develop their skills
  • Make friends
  • Play by the rules
  • Appreciate/accept everyone in the group, regardless of ability, race, religion, gender, etc

Parents/guardians play an important role in promoting children’s happiness and success in football. Parental expectations and behaviour have a significant bearing on childrens' attitude and behaviour while participating in football.

Parents/guardians need to be aware of why children want to play football. Children want to learn new skills, make new friends, be part of a group, to win and be successful, experience challenges and excitement.

Whilst winning is important, it must be remembered that winning at all costs does not meet the needs of players. Results are not necessarily a good indicator of coaching effectiveness or ability. The improvement of players and their level of enjoyment is.