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Training 2020-21 Schedule

Have you been supporting someone with dementia for some time?

Please join our free 3 week Carers Information Support Programme 2
for people who provide unpaid care and support for someone living with dementia.
We are currently delivering the programme virtually, please find dates below

Course info (pdf)

Do you support someone living with dementia?

Please join our free 4 week Carers Information Support Programme
for people who provide unpaid care and support for someone living with dementia. Topics are Understanding of Dementia, Providing Support and Care, Legal and financial matters and coping day to day.

Course info (pdf)


Throughout the pandemic, your support in following public health guidelines has been vital in reducing the spread of coronavirus. By doing so, you have saved lives. As ‘lockdown’ restrictions are eased, we face the risk of a second wave of infection. We can all help minimise that risk by continuing to support public health measures to control the spread, such as testing and contact tracing.

Testing and contact tracing helps break the chain of transmission of the virus. By identifying people who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, and asking them to self-isolate, we can limit the onward spread (reproduction) of the virus. Keeping the reproduction (R) number low allows us to continue moving towards more normal family, working and social lives. Friends and family can see each other, and schools and businesses can reopen. It will also help to protect our health service from being overwhelmed.


Step-by-step guide


Bredagh GAC /Ormeau Boxing /Rosario YFC Foodbank Initiative.

Celebrity structure to your day during lock down

Bredagh GAC /Ormeau Boxing /Rosario YFC Foodbank Initiative in the community

A Charity Football match will take place this Sunday, 16 February at Ulidia Playing Fields, Ormeau Road to celebrate the life of the recently deceased Willie McIntaggart.



Please return your collection boxes to either Ulidia or Rosario Youth Club urgently.